The Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles is a nonprofit dedicated to improving life for all Angelenos by solving Los Angeles’ most complex challenges.


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The Mayor’s Fund: #LAlove Campaign

The Major of Los Angeles raises urgent funds during the pandemic


During the height of the pandemic in 2020, many residents in Los Angeles were struggling to make ends meet. Mayor Eric Garcetti recognized his citizens were in need of support and wanted to act immediately. With the help of Mastercard’s City Possible team, Accelerator for America (AFA) and Goodworld, Mayor Garcetti launched the Angeleno Card.

The City Possible Initiative was created to help states and municipalities find new ways to ensure inclusivity and sustainability through financial inclusion, philanthropy and technology. Los Angeles was the first city to join. Shortly after the Mayor’s Fund for Salt Lake City, the Governor’s Fund for Providence, and the Mayor’s Fund for Miami hopped on board and a coalition was formed.


Angeleno Cards are no-fee debit cards distributed to the individuals and households that would need immediate financial assistance. In order to make the Angeleno Cards possible, an enormous fundraising effort was necessary. This is when Goodworld stepped in.


Working with Goodworld, the Mayor’s Fund launched a fundraising website to raise critical funds for families in need. The campaign included both a website and social media presence, with donations being given via the campaign website and social posts. The multi-channel solution allowed the Mayor's Fund to raise the urgent funds needed to activate their Angeleno Card initiative.

"We have been most impressed with Goodworld's attention to security and great customer service. The team has been incredibly helpful and responsive in addressing our needs," said Marie DeAeth-d’Almeida, Operations and Grants Manager at the Mayor's Fund.


The Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles campaign was a great success. Donations came in from over 10,000 individuals, families and organizations eager to make a difference. The Mayor's Fund saw 4x revenue growth, which allowed for more than 100,000 Los Angeles residents to receive an Angeleno Card.

“At the end of the day, none of this would be possible without the generosity of more than 10,000 Angelenos. This response is a testament of the giving spirit of Los Angeles, which is what has made us a model for the nation.” - Deidre Lind, Founding President

With Twitter mentions and support from celebrities like John Legend, Conan O'Brien, Kristen Bell, Joe Biden, the Jonas Brothers, Russell Westbrook, Crystal Reed and others, the campaign quickly became the largest event in the fund’s history. Los Angeles continues to raise money for its citizens who are struggling to make ends meet using Goodworld's fundraising tools.

"To provide direct relief to people economically impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, we needed a donation platform with multiple giving channels, like text-to-give and donation pages. Goodworld helped us get that set up in record time."

— Marie DeAeth-d’Almeida

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