Show your commitment to sustainability through CSR and ESG experiences designed to positively impact the planet and your people.

Sustainable businesses perform better

Corporate sustainability programs generate value that benefits society, the planet, and your company's bottom line. Implementing sustainable and ethical business practices can give your company a competitive edge, ensure a brighter future for the earth by tackling climate change, and help you achieve long-term success in business.

Sustainable practices, policies, and programs:
●  reduce expenses and your carbon footprint
●  make your company more appealing to consumers
●  improve employee morale and productivity

If you're looking to increase profits, attract conscious consumers, and retain your employees, it's important to conduct business in a sustainable way 🌲 😎

76% of Americans expect companies to take action against climate change.

— Cone Communications CSR Study

Social impact generates value

Taking a stand on environmental issues impacts employees’ connection to your company and your potential to reach new customers. Our suite of tools helps CSR executives and ESG leaders engage stakeholders in environmental stewardship and sustainable activities that drive action, impact, and revenue.

Here are a few impact experiences that can help your company meet its sustainability goals:

➊  Earth Day auction
Bring the office together on Earth Day by auctioning off unique items and experiences. Donate proceeds from the auction to a nonprofit that supports clean energy, forest preservation, or solves climate change. Auction items could include a tour of a sustainable farm, an electric bike, artwork made from recycled materials, or tickets to a local arboretum. Team members from every department can participate in the auction, either virtually or in person, and make a difference for the planet.

➋  One-for-one tree planting

Show customers that you care about the climate crisis by planting a tree each time a specific product or service is purchased. Create a campaign page and set a goal to encourage action and generosity. Go the extra mile by matching every contribution customers make. Market your campaign and target customers who are passionate about environmental causes to increase engagement and brand loyalty.

➌  Plant-based challenge

Challenge your team to eat a vegetarian diet for one week. Educate employees on the environmental and health benefits of a plant-based lifestyle, and share vegetarian recipes they can make at home. Donate to an animal rights organization in honor of each employee who completes the challenge. Send them a charitable eCard to reward their effort to reduce their carbon footprint.

"Taking a stand on environmental issues can be a brand-defining moment." 👌

— PWC, Professional Services Network

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