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Turn one-time donors into repeat supporters with daily micro-recurring donations.

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Donors can pledge daily micro-recurring donations with three simple steps. We’ll track the transactions on the linked account, then trigger their pledges on a weekly basis to lower transaction fees.

Tools & tracking at your fingertips

Manage donor data and track contributions from your CRM dashboard. Connect a Stripe account to control your disbursement schedule and set up direct deposits. Spare change donors will receive automatic monthly gift statements.

One pledge, everyday impact

Our users donate an average of $20 per month in spare change, with a retention rate of over 90%.

👍 100 spare change donors could raise $25K a year in micro-recurring donations for your organization

Grow your Gen Z & Millennial donor base

A lack of cash doesn’t stop younger generations from supporting causes they care about. Engage them with a novel ask that fits their budget and preference for long-term involvement in creating social change.

Spare change, big impact

Boost annual revenue with micro-recurring donations.

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