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Mastercard: Building a Purposeful Brand

Mastercard launches a branded platform for social impact & responsibility


Mastercard is a global payments and technology company that believes in giving back in socially responsible ways. They make a positive impact through philanthropic experiences and payment innovations. When the coronavirus pandemic struck in 2020, they sprung into action. Mastercard launched Goodworld’s social impact platform in record time. Now, they can respond to any disaster or social cause quickly, and engage their community in philanthropy opportunities that make the world a better place.


The coronavirus and subsequent lockdown had a devastating effect on many in the Mastercard community. So, they acted quickly to identify and connect supporters to nonprofit organizations leading the way in the pandemic response.


Mastercard launched a social impact platform in just 24 hours with the help of Goodworld. This platform enabled their employees and customers to provide much needed support to nonprofits that were focused on pandemic relief such as World Food Program USA, International Rescue Committee, and World Central Kitchen. 

Mastercard is now able to make a difference quickly and easily whenever there is a crisis. For example, when the social justice movement erupted after the death of George Floyd, they rallied their community in support of their nonprofit partner, the National Urban League. Using Goodworld’s nonprofit network, Mastercard was able to launch campaigns for new causes effortlessly, and grew their number of beneficiary organizations from 5 to 59.


The Mastercard community donated over $1 million in support of important causes through campaigns launched on the Goodworld's platform — 8x the amount raised in 2019. Additionally, they catalyzed a community of employees and customers to passionately work together to solve social and environmental challenges. Through Goodworld’s Impact CRM, Mastercard is able to launch fundraising and awareness initiatives to engage stakeholders nationwide.

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