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Sustainability: Tree Planting Partnership

A coalition of companies plants over 50,000 trees to combat climate change


As the global demand for energy and other resources increases, deforestation destroys natural habitats and clean water sources at an alarming rate. The damage to ecosystems and communities is impossible to ignore — consumers and employees have become increasingly aware of the impact big business has on the environment. A Deloitte study showed that 1 in 3 consumers have stopped buying a product due to sustainability issues. That number is higher amongst younger generations. Almost 50% of Gen Z choose not to purchase from brands that lack sustainability practices.


The system is unsustainable. As worldwide consumerism grows, business as usual may create an irreparable injury on the environment as we know it.

But as Buckminster Fuller once said, “you never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

So, at Goodworld we asked ourselves how business can be a part of the solution and how we can save the planet using a new model.


Research shows that reforestation is one of the most effective panaceas for cleaner air and alleviating the near-term catastrophes of climate change. Planting trees provides filtered water to reliant communities and builds habitats for endangered wildlife.

Goodworld created a Sustainability Partnership to Save Earth. We are dedicated to helping companies gift trees to their employees and customers. In alliance with other planet-saving coalitions, the goal is to empower companies to plant 100 million trees by 2025.

Through our partnerships, a coalition of over 100 companies including Fortune 100 and 500s, is planting trees through Conservation International and World Resource Institute.

This earth-saving effort leverages our latest technology innovations, GiveCards and eCards. GiveCards empower companies to quickly launch sustainability initiatives and gift employees and customers trees, nudging them to dedicate trees to others and plant their own. Tree dedications notify recipients that a tree will be planted in their name.

eCards strengthen connections by introducing others to causes through charitable digital gifts. With eCards, employees and customers can plant trees in honor of others by making online donations of just two dollars per tree.

GiveCards and eCards are personalized charitable gift cards that allow users to show appreciation and send custom messages to recipients. The tools make it easy for employees and customers to raise awareness for a cause while involving others in their effort to make the world a better place.


Each tree planted was a meaningful contribution to the fight against climate change that simultaneously increased engagement and generosity. One of our partners planted 20,000 trees in a single month.

By recognizing and appreciating team members, employees felt more satisfied and happy at work. Satisfaction at work leads to higher retention and productivity from employees. Department heads facilitated recognition by writing personal messages to their employees and planting trees in their names.

Through this effort, companies became leaders in the reforestation movement. These companies positively impacted the world around them, contributing to the reversal of climate change. Our partners have planted over 50,000 trees, the equivalent of 1,200 tons of carbon absorbed from the atmosphere.

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