Payroll Giving


Get employees to support your cause with the power of their paychecks

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Payroll Giving is a specialized type of Campaign that allows participants to pledge donations at regular intervals (Pay Periods). Pledged donations may be split among several funds, or pledged to a single fund. 

Payroll Giving should be coordinated closely with the department in charge of payroll at the participating company. 

The cost to run Payroll Giving varies and requires a custom quote. Generally speaking, the program is priced at approximately $2/mo per employee.

Due to the fact that payroll donations are pledges instead of online donations, money does not change hands until the end of the campaign, whereby the company writes a check for the total pledged contributions which were deducted from employee paychecks over the course of the campaign. 

Start and End Date

A Payroll Giving campaign is typically one year long. Meaning, charitable payroll deductions are taken out of employee paychecks for a 12 month period.

To keep the accounting from becoming overly complex, pledges are collected at the start of the campaign with a 2 week deadline, otherwise called the Solicitation Period.  

The Solicitation Period serves a critical function. It allows the company to measure the rate of employee participation and helps estimate a relatively accurate expectation of the total combined contributions the employees will give via payroll over the 12 month campaign.

The number of employees invited within the Solicitation Period should be fixed ahead of time. In fact, individuals who gain employment after the Solicitation Period should not qualify to participate in the current campaign and instead should be queued for the following year. 

Getting Started

After consultation with the Goodworld Success Team, the feature will be activated and your admins may set up a Payroll Giving campaign by visiting the Campaigns tab in your platform.

Click Create New and choose the intended beneficiary account. This is the account for which the company will write a check at the end of the campaign. 

You may select funds for the employees to choose from in a later step. 






Frequently asked questions


How long should the Payroll campaign last?

Typically, Payroll Giving campaigns are 12 months long. The solicitation period to collect pledges is 2 weeks from the start date. In other words, the company gathers and locks in all the pledges within two weeks to try to meet a goal, then charitable payroll deductions are administered over the subsequent 12 months.