Meet the 2022



An individual who creates impact for people and organizations through daily action.

Tony Hawk

Founder, The Skatepark Project

Tony Hawk is the founder of The Skatepark Project, a nonprofit whose mission is to serve children who lack a safe place to practice skateboarding. After receiving thousands of emails from parents and children across America, Tony created and financed The Skatepark Project to help underserved communities develop safe and inclusive public skateparks. To date, over 600 recipients of grants from The Skatepark Project have opened skateparks. These parks receive more than 6 million visits annually from youth who benefit from the active lifestyle, sense of self-esteem, and camaraderie the facilities promote.


An individual who champions DEI, ESG, or corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Kevin Clayton

Senior Vice President, Head of Social Impact and Equity, Cleveland Cavaliers

Kevin Clayton is the Senior Vice President, Head of Social Impact and Equity at the Cleveland Cavaliers of the NBA. Kevin is passionate about the Cleveland Cavaliers maintaining its commitment to addressing social issues, diversity initiatives, and strengthening and expanding its inclusive workplace culture. Under his leadership, the Cavaliers were one of the first NBA teams to recognize Juneteenth as a company holiday. Clayton has also encouraged players and leadership of the Cavaliers to discuss issues impacting Black men through a virtual community conversation series called Time To Talk.


An individual who influences and mobilizes audiences to create impact at scale.

Daniela Fernandez

Founder & CEO, Sustainable Ocean Alliance

Daniela Fernandez is the founder and CEO of the Sustainable Ocean Alliance (SOA), a nonprofit organization that mobilizes young people, develops and implements innovative solutions, and activates an ocean workforce to restore the health of the ocean in our lifetime. SOA has built the world’s largest network of young ocean leaders, over 6,000 individuals in 165 countries. Under Daniela’s leadership, SOA launched their Ocean Solutions Accelerator to help develop technological solutions that address the greatest threats facing our planet. This program has accelerated 45 startups and issued 222 microgrants in 65 countries.