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World Vision launches AU’s first donation hashtag

WVA captures the attention of donors through hashtag donations on social media

Goodworld’s #donate technology pioneered the wave of digital fundraising tools and integrations that made giving easy and accessible for all age groups. #donate enables donors to make an instant donation to a nonprofit on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the web. The fundraising tool has shifted online giving behavior by diversifying nonprofits’ donor pools and encouraging smaller, more frequent contributions to their causes.

The demand for social media donations stretches across the globe. For the first time, Goodworld’s technology has been adopted by a nonprofit organization outside the United States. World Vision Australia (WVA), Goodworld and Mastercard have joined forces to launch a fundraising campaign on social media using hashtag donations — the first of its kind in Australia.

World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to helping children, families and communities reach their full potential by tackling the root causes of poverty and injustice. WVA plans to integrate #donate into a series of digital campaigns with the aim of building awareness, engaging supporters and educating donors about the ease of their new giving method.

Like Goodworld, WVA understands that the attention of next generation donors is most effectively captured through social media and online channels. Their pilot campaign marks the beginning of a lasting effort to engage Millennials and Gen Z with innovative tools that make it easy for them to create impact.

As a Kiwi-lead company, we’re thrilled to bring this technology to the land Down Under and look forward to unleashing its potential with nonprofit organizations throughout Australia.

Build momentum with hashtag donations on social media