Virtuous leadership in the midst of a pandemic

How Johnson and Johnson responded to COVID-19 and supported communities

Business’ have responded to the coronavirus pandemic in meaningful ways — here's how Johnson and Johnson demonstrated their corporate responsibility:

Janssen, the pharmaceutical unit of the multinational conglomerate Johnson and Johnson, has been working since January to develop a vaccine to cure COVID-19. The company, accompanied by the federal government, has invested $1 million to aid the research and development of this vaccine. Janssen aims to have a “global supply of more than one billion doses of a vaccine,” and begin trials in September of 2020. According to Forbes, the $456 million order is the “largest reported amount spent on a vaccine project to date, even though the pharma giant hasn’t yet started any clinical trials as other firms have.”

Concurrent with the development of a vaccine, the Johnson and Johnson website has shown its involvement in the fight to end COVID-19 in China. It donated one million surgical masks and other necessary preventative equipment to healthcare providers on the front lines in China. The company also donated 1 million Renminbi — the Chinese Yuan — to the Chinese Red Cross to help provide essential masks, protective suits, and sanitizer for its employees.

Among these incredible efforts, Johnson and Johnson has provided China with 48,000 bottles of Isopropyl Alcohol, essential medical devices, and contact lenses. All of these donations were completed by mid February, proving that the company took a preventative approach to stopping the virus, rather than a reactive approach seen by other large companies.

As of this week, there are hopes to see the vaccine available to the public in early 2021. Johnson and Johnson will continue to pride itself on its commitment to stopping the spread of major viruses dating back to 1918 and its development of the epidemic mask to reduce cases of the Spanish Flu. At the end of March, the company allotted $250 million over 10 years to help recruit, train, and mobilize front line medical workers. The Johnson and Johnson foundation has also promised $50 million to aid frontline workers battling COVID-19 cases nationally. The company sees no end to its generosity and will continue to use its success to eventually defeat this destructive virus.