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GiveCards: a new era of inclusive philanthropy

How our new approach to charitable giving multiplies the power of every dollar

GiveCards, our latest feature, is a new approach to philanthropy that has the potential to create exponential impact. Here's why our early users are so excited.

A revolutionary algorithm that multiplies impact

GiveCards are built using an algorithm that makes companies and individuals more effective change-makers by multiplying the power of every dollar they donate. Not only have GiveCards produced engagement rates that are 3X higher than industry standard campaigns, the feature is proving successful in stretching corporate philanthropy budgets while also generating impact that reaches all-time highs for our partners.

An employee-centered strategy for giving back

Many CSR programs fail to engage employees because companies aren’t honoring the preferences and values of their team members. These programs often underperform because the approach to the campaign focuses on the social impact priorities of the company’s leadership rather than providing decision making power to the entire workforce.

For this reason, there’s been a growing opportunity to change business as usual. In fact, the simple act of allowing employees to direct their company’s charitable dollars is a game-changing approach to corporate philanthropy — that’s what is at the core of our GiveCards technology. Since 59% of young people say their loyalty to their employer grows the more socially and environmentally responsible the company becomes, employee-centered impact programs are critical workplace perks.

How it works

GiveCards are charitable gift cards that can be redeemed at a vetted nonprofit of a recipient’s choice. Much like a standard gift card, once redeemed, the monetary value of the card is automatically delivered to the nonprofit chosen by the recipient.

During the redemption process, our platform nudges recipients to increase impact by making a donation to the campaign themselves. The core idea is “giving begets giving”, and that a secret to scaling the generosity of a community is “giving first”. The user experience is designed in a way that taps into the latest insights of social science to create multiplier effects.

Personalized experiences

GiveCard campaigns can be customized with contextual design and messaging. You can even change the name of GiveCards to something that matches your brand and marketing strategy. Each GiveCard includes a personalized message for employees or customers from the sender. Think holidays, work milestones, and special occasions! Every moment becomes a chance to recognize and reward your tribe... and do some good while you’re at it.

Getting started

GiveCard campaigns are a piece of cake to launch. Simply enable the feature on a campaign and upload a design. You are welcome to limit the list of nonprofits who can receive funds in your GiveCard campaign, or allow your recipients to choose from any of the 1.5 million nonprofits in our database. More complex campaigns can include donation matching rules or specific terms and conditions. The sky's the limit.

By empowering employees and customers to make the difference they want to see in the world, your company is deepening the relationships that are required to build a more impactful and enduring brand.

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