Corporate Social Responsibility

Events that drive results for CSR & ESG strategies

Engage employees with activities that improve your brand and fuel positive change

In a world where "doing well by doing good" is more important than ever, companies are investing in their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) and corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies. These initiatives aim at building a company that's not only financially successful but also environmentally and socially responsible – two goals that are often mutually exclusive.

ESG and CSR strategies can benefit an organization in multiple ways. Companies that invest in sustainability and social responsibility enjoy improved public image and perception, increased brand awareness and recognition, greater employee engagement, and better market performance. 

But how do you drive results for your ESG or CSR strategies? Organizations can leverage various events to engage customers and employees, steer results, and reach goals.

Employee challenges

Employee challenges are great ways to drive results for your company's ESG and CSR initiatives. They also engage employees and get them excited about making a difference.

One employee challenge that is easy to implement and can make a big impact is a transportation challenge. The goal of this challenge is to offset carbon levels by encouraging employees to use greener transportation options. For instance, employees could complete the challenge over the course of a month, and those who meet the goal would be eligible for certain prizes. Incentives like these can go a long way in motivating employees to participate.

To make the challenge more effective, try to involve as many employees as possible. More participants will offset more carbon and create a sense of community and camaraderie among employees.

Finally, remember to celebrate your employee's achievements at the end of the challenge. Rewards and recognition will show employees that their efforts are appreciated and that your company is committed to making a difference. It is also a great way to build morale and keep employees engaged in your company's ESG and CSR initiatives.

Volunteer events

Volunteer events can also engage employees and promote your company's ESG and CSR agenda. They provide a way for employees to give back to the community while raising awareness about important issues.

There are many different types of volunteer events that companies can organize. Consider allowing employees to pick a cause to support through your database of volunteer opportunities. Doing so shows that your company cares about causes that are meaningful to your employees. And because you're providing opportunities for everyone to participate – whether in person or virtually – you're making it easy for everyone to get involved.

One activity of service you could offer employees is a day off to plant trees. If you're hosting a virtual tree planting event, offer everyone a GiveCard to plant a tree.

Be sure to have a metric by which to measure your achievement. For instance, you could point out how much carbon you reduced every time an employee planted a tree and how many hours were spent volunteering. You can then include this information in your yearly sustainability or impact report.

Lunch and learns

Lunch and learns are opportunities for team members to learn about nonprofit causes and see their company's commitment to social responsibility. Moreover, lunch and learns are excellent for team building, networking, and increased efficiency. These events must be inclusive, so invite members from all departments to participate and learn about the causes your company is supporting.

Employee resource groups (ERGs) can play a role in planning and executing these activities. Involving the leaders of your ERGs will ensure that all employees have a voice in how the company gives back.

During lunch and learns, you can invite representatives from a nonprofit organization in your area to speak about their mission and what they do to create a positive impact. Due to the limited time for lunch and learns, cover light topics that will leave employees feeling refreshed, excited, and generous. To maximize impact, offer participants the chance to support the organization, then match every contribution they make.

Charity auctions

Charity auctions are fundraising events that allow people to bid on and win auction packages and items. When the auction closes, the highest bidder of each item becomes the winner, and the host donates the proceeds to a nonprofit organization. Charity auctions are highly impactful events that develop the groundwork for the deep-rooted engagement of stakeholders.

For example, you can host an Earth Day auction and donate the proceeds to an environmental cause. When determining auction items, consider whether or not they are sustainable and affordable. Some ideas for sustainable auction items include LED light bulbs, house plants, solar-powered electronics, or even electric cars.

Employees and stakeholders can bid on items and experiences in person or online. Charity auctions are a great way to encourage employees to live sustainably and positively impact the planet.

Signature events

Your company can also host a signature event, such as a gala, happy hour, or golf tournament, to support your CSR and ESG initiatives. A signature event can increase awareness, engage community leaders and sponsors, and raise funds for causes such as climate change, gender equality, or access to education.

Sell event tickets to your community members, including employees, board members, customers, and investors. To boost the impact of your event, invite business partners to become sponsors. Remember to select brands that align with your company's values. Sponsors will help cover event costs so that more money goes to the benefitting organization.

Maximize results 

There are many types of events that can support your company's CSR and ESG initiatives. By hosting an event that suits your brand and involves as many stakeholders as possible, you can make a real difference in the world.

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