Donor Engagement

Community connection during COVID-19

Make the most of the pandemic by building strong relationships with your donors

It’s easy to assume donors aren’t able to support your nonprofit’s mission during the COVID-19 pandemic, but generosity is still alive — and in many cases thriving. Certainly, there are members of your community that may be unable to assist your efforts due to the financial hardship they’re experiencing. However, many of your donors are now looking for ways to get involved and make a difference.

If your organization is providing vital emergency services during this time, it’s important to communicate with your donor base and provide transparency around your relief work and program strategies. Here are a few ideas:

  • Share a heartfelt story about meeting the needs of your community
  • Update them on the selfless acts of your volunteers and the measures you’ve put in place to keep them (and your staff members) safe and healthy
  • Offer opportunities to make a donation, give supplies, volunteer their time or aid your efforts virtually
  • Thank them for their contributions and report on the overall impact you’ve made together

Lead with empathy

Use this time to build strong relationships with your donors. How? Simply pick up the phone and ask them how they’re doing. A small gesture like this is particularly meaningful to the elderly, or individuals who live alone. You can also post on social media and ask if there is anyone who needs help and what resources may provide them and their family immediate relief.

When connecting with your donors, be sure to tell them how your organization has been affected by and is responding to the pandemic. Assure them of your steadfast commitment to your mission and let them know if your services have changed due to restrictions set in place by state and federal recommendations.

Inspire Gratitude: In a social post, ask your followers to give a shout out and tag someone who has demonstrated courage through generous action or advocacy in their community. ‘Public’ recognition is an effective way of reinforcing a positive, collective spirit.

Build long-lasting relationships

Are there nonprofits in your area who may need help as well? This is an opportune time to band together with other organizations and lift each other up. Coordinate with a local nonprofit, like a food bank or youth center — work together to fill gaps in each others’ operations, fundraising efforts or volunteer needs.

Start a Friendly Competition: Create a campaign together to raise money for a community COVID-19 response fund. Race to see which nonprofit can generate the most financial support in a designated amount of time.

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